Sunday, February 15, 2015

True Alliance - Episode 4

My Review:

This Episode started a little dramatic. I told Yesenia what Tony did and it got really crazy because Yesenia is not having this! Later on I decided to go to Yesenia's house to catch up because I know she has to be upset and I wanted to be there for her. She claimed that she didn't know what they did but Tony said that she had an idea! We decided to make some brownies and why not make it fun for the viewers! hahah! I love having fun doing these things!

Later on in the Episode Yesenia started cleaning her whole room because she's so disgusted and I understand what she's going through! At this point of the episode I don't like tony and I don't like vico for not even telling us anything! I can't believe them to be honest! I was so upset. I had a melt down later on in the episode because I started missing Tony! He was one of my bestfriends and he've turned into someone else. 

So then Yesenia decided to bring someone else to the show and I was more than welcome to bring someone else new to the show because It's getting boring! She decided to invite Julio to the show and I was happy because Julio is Vico's ex and this will stir the pot! I was so excited to see some drama that has nothing to do with me! When Julio came to the show it was intense him knowing what tony did! Yesenia told him because she felt like it was the right thing!

Can't wait for next episode!

Thursday, February 05, 2015

True Alliance - Episode 3

My Review:

The Episode started out with Tony explaining what happened between me and him. We got into an argument because i've noticed that he been a little bitchy towards me and Yesenia and we wanted him to understand that. He feels like thats who he is and we are just being sensitive and taking it at heart. I've decided to accept him for who he is but Yesenia still don't think he's okay wit treating everyone like he's on top! 

In the next scene I decided to go to vico's house and I wanted to invite him to be part of the show. Vico was my bestfriend and we stopped being friends because he felt like he couldn't trust me. I thought we could become close again till he decided to make some moves later around the season!

In the car scene Tony decided to confront Yesenia about her being upset. That was the first time they talked after Yesenia have told him what she felt a couple weeks ago. I feel like Tony is trying to change but we are not giving him the right time, and looking back at it now I feel kinda bad. Later on that night after Tony decided to apologize and work things out with Yesenia; He decided to have sexual intercourse with Vico in her bed. Everything blew out of proportion and the drama began after I told Yesenia what Tony and Vico did! This is just the beginning ..... stay tuned for Episode 4! 

Sunday, February 01, 2015

True Alliance - Episode 2

My Review:

So the first episode started with me, Danny, & Jepherson hanging out. I was upset at them but I decided to let it go and hang out with them! They were my boys! We usually go to the gym when we hang out and I've decided to show you guys a piece of that. Later on in the episode I was a little upset because Jepherson and Danny didn't wanted to be on the show but whatever.

Tony decided to try out some drag and he introduced us his bestfriend Yesenia! I met her because of tony and she's a cool person. We decided to drag tony up and make him flawless! He is a very outspoken person and we had a very strong argument behind cameras that caused us to think twice about his actions. Me and Yesenia didn't like the fact that he been different and changing towards everyone so we made it a big deal. PS: looking back I feel like it wasn't a big deal lol.

Jepherson remains my barber and he will always be one of my best friends. Stay tuned for next episode because this show is gonna keep getting TURNT!

Friday, January 23, 2015

True Alliance - Episode 1

My show is here and I am so excited. I've worked so hard on this show for the past 5 months and it's finally here! I been lacking on my YouTube channel and my drag videos, but it's because I wanted to give my full attention to my show! If everyone start loving my show and giving good feedback then obviously I'll start working for Season 2! But for now I want to focus on this and make it till the end full force! The show is now on my YouTube and every Thursday is a new Episode!

My Review:

The show started showing my friendship with Danny. He's a cool guy but at that point of the episode he was getting on my nerves. He's really close to Jepherson and they are like brothers. I've met them through social media and they seem fun. Jepherson became a really good friend of mine and he's my barber as well. I'm his first gay 'close' friend so it's weird for him at first but now he loves me like a brother and vise versa. Tony is my best-friend and I love him! He's so crazy like me and he's so awesome. We have the best times and I love it. Towards the end I was a little upset about Danny bringing people to the Production because I want this show to be produced by me and not everyone else. Danny thought he could be bringing bitches like he ran shit so I was pissed. Stay tuned for next Episode because more people are introduced to the show and more drama unfolds ;)